A member of the Crimson Tide Sports Network appears to be recovering well following bypass surgery this week.

Chris Stewart tweeted pictures of visiting with friends and colleagues from his hospital room at Brookwood Baptist Hospital, including Eli Gold and John Parker Wilson, and added, “Docs say I’m doing great. Probably home Friday. So blessed in so many ways. Please continue with the prayers!”

Stewart, who suffered a stroke on April 16 in 2018, had an arteriogram and anticipated having a stent placed in his heart. He said he had been feeling pressure in his left arm over the last couple of months, AL.com reported.

Stewart has been Alabama’s basketball radio play-by-play announcer for 17 years.

“My wife had gotten up in the middle of the night and knew I didn’t look right or sound right,” Stewart said in March. “I was kind of balled up in a fetal position. I was making a groaning noise. She tried to wake me. It didn’t work. She called paramedics. After their evaluation, I was taken to the hospital.”