The Alabama Crimson Tide are reloading along the defensive line this offseason after losing Quinnen Williams and Christian Miller to the NFL Draft.

However, with Raekwon Davis, Anfernee Jennings and others eager to have big years, the cupboard isn’t exactly bare when it comes to line play and pass rushing.

On Saturday, Alabama DC Pete Golding said he likes the group, saying he’ll rotate some new faces in key spots this fall to get them ready for Week 1 (via 247Sports):

“Obviously I think we had some young guys last year that learned a lot throughout the season and progressed drastically from fall camp to bowl practice and then to spring ball,” he said. “I think they took a lot of strides. Obviously we’re real excited with the recruiting class and those five or six guys we brought in. Some of them were here in spring and then some of them got here in the summer, and obviously I think the biggest thing is obviously having the ability to do my job. A lot of those guys from a talent standpoint can play the game. So it’s then getting them in shape, which Coach (Scott) Cochran’s done an unbelievable job all summer. And then it’s our job as coaches to where they don’t make plays against us.

“But there’s no question I think you’re going to see a lot of new faces out there, but it’s our job to prepare those guys to get them ready to do it. So absolutely, I think some young guys are obviously going to have to play. I think they’re in a better situation than they have been because they have some older guys in that room that are going to help them. Obviously Coach Baker does a great job with them, but I think they’ve got some older guys in that room that are going to help the development process and just relieving some of the anxiety because they’ve been through it and then to help some of those younger guys come along. So absolutely, I think you’ll see some new faces in some rotations.”

Williams was a big surprise on the national scale last season, so perhaps another star will emerge in Tuscaloosa this fall and become a top-10 NFL Draft pick.