All season, Alabama games have just been weekly installments of “The Amari Cooper Show,” starring Amari Cooper.

On the Georgia Dome field on Saturday, Cooper played a supporting role as the Crimson Tide’s secondary receivers stepped into the spotlight.

Blake Sims was surgical in the title game and despite the love he showed Cooper, he found the touches for his other receivers and looked to them when Alabama needed the plays. Seniors DeAndrew White and Christion Jones both came up big in the biggest moment of the season.

Even with Cooper setting the SEC Championship record with 12 receptions, he was definitely held in check and was used more as an extension of the running game than anything. He averaged just 6.9 yards per reception, totaling just 83 yards. With the Missouri defense keying on Cooper to take away the big plays he’s burned just about everyone with, Alabama’s forgotten receivers stepped up to make big catch after big catch. Jones and White combined for fewer catches than Cooper, but made some of the most vital plays of the night.

All season, we wondered what would happen to Alabama’s offense if Cooper was limited. Against Western Carolina, we got a glimpse of what the Tide looked like without their star. On Saturday, Alabama showed the right balance of targeting Cooper and taking advantage of the gaps in the defense thanks to the attention he drew.

Lane Kiffin deserves much of the credit for his adaptable game plan. Sims still targeted Cooper far more than anyone else, throwing to him on 15 of his 27 pass attempts. But when the Missouri defense bore down on the star, Kififn was more than willing to dial it up for the other guys.

There was White’s seam route score in the second quarter, the same play that Kiffin called for Cooper a week ago. Once again, the play led to the receiver being wide open, with Kiffin once again throwing his arms up on the sideline to celebrate as the ball was leaving Sims’ hand. Despite White’s up-and-down production throughout the season, Kiffin and Sims trusted him to get open and make the play, and he rewarded that trust in spades. White ended up with the most team lead in receiving yards, becoming just the second player to go over 100 yards against Missouri this season.

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Jones was perhaps the most underwhelming player on Alabama’s prolific offense this year. He had just 16 catches for 224 yards, didn’t score and didn’t have more than four catches in any game. After the first three games of the regular season, he had just seven grabs the rest of the way and was shut out four times.

But late in the third quarter, Sims looked for the other senior on the drive that iced the game for Alabama.

There was Jones, coming up with two 17-yard receptions to put the Crimson Tide in scoring position. On the first, Sims found Jones with Cooper covered, threading a pass as Jones found space between defenders. On the second, Kiffin once again dialed up a play previously used for Cooper, hitting Jones as he came out of the backfield and letting the punt return man operate in space.

Jones was rewarded for his big catches down at the goal line, when Sims rolled to his right and buried a pass to Jones’ hip for the score, putting Alabama up 28-13, essentially putting the game out of reach.

White and Jones were far from stars this season, overshadowed by their superstar teammate’s brilliance. As much good as Kiffin did for the Crimson Tide offense, the way his game plans force-fed Cooper rendered the talented receivers around him nearly irrelevant. Cooper had more catches on his own in the regular season, 103, than the Crimson Tide’s next five leading receivers, who totaled 90 catches.

Sims and Kiffin never lost faith in those guys, even as they toiled away in the background. When the time came, the two seniors were ready to roll, and were as big of a factor as any in helping the Tide to their third SEC title of the Nick Saban era.