Alabama’s head football trainer Jeff Allen created something that had never been seen on a football field before: a pop-up medical tent.

It was unveiled during last year’s College Football Playoff. The collapsable tent conceals injured players from the public — and also enables them to be tended to on the sidelines as opposed to back in the locker rooms.

Along with the help of two engineering students, Allen has turned this innovative prototype into a lucrative business called Kinematic Sports. The “SidelinER” tent has been sold to 45 different college football programs — as well as high schools, hospitals, and other customers.

Florida State, Ohio State, Louisville, Arkansas, Northwestern, Ole Miss, and West Virginia are some of the teams using this method.

As Allen told USA TODAY, these tents are significant and integral for any team:

“It just makes so much sense in terms of protecting the privacy of the athlete, and the other thing I found medically is it changes the environment of trying to do an evaluation on an injured athlete without the distraction of the crowd. I tell people the most critical time in evaluating is five-to-10 minutes after the injury, and to have that type of environment makes a difference. I notice a big difference in our athletes in there. They request it like, ‘let’s go.’ So it’s really been amazing.”

Before too long, one can assume many — if not all of the major D1 programs will possess these tents.