ESPN’s Football Power Index says Alabama is no longer the No. 1 team in the country after beating The Citadel 50-17 on Saturday.

The World Wide Leader’s “measure of strength” dinged the Crimson Tide for defeating the FCS opponent by only 33 points. The FPI now has Alabama at No. 2 and Clemson at No. 1. The Tigers are also 11-0 after notching a 35-6 win over Duke.

Heading into Week 12, Alabama had an FPI score of 31.9 while Clemson’s was 30.3. After Week 12, Clemson’s FPI is now 30.7 while Alabama’s dropped to 30.4. The score represents “how many points above or below average a team is” by ESPN’s calculations.

After a shockingly close first half (10-10), Alabama outscored The Citadel 40-7 in the second half to secure a 50-17 victory. While everyone expected a more lopsided outcome, it’s unlikely to change any voters’ opinions of the Crimson Tide or impact their College Football Playoff chances.

Clemson was also the FPI’s preseason No. 1, but Alabama had held the top spot since the completion of Week 1.