Of all the traditions for Alabama football, lighting up cigars after wins over Tennessee is among the most enjoyable for the Crimson Tide faithful.

The Tuscaloosa News reports that the background of the tradition most commonly traces to the late Jim Goostree, a longtime Alabama athletic trainer who graduated from Tennessee. Going into the 1961 game, Alabama hadn’t beaten Tennessee since 1954 (there was a 7-7 tie in 1959). Goostree told the team he’d dance naked in the locker room if Alabama won.

After a 34-3 win at Birmingham’s Legion Field, Goostree danced while smoking a cigar. Players wanted a cigar to celebrate, too. Longtime Alabama assistant Ken Donahue, another Tennessee alumnus, arrived in 1964 and further stoked the rivalry.

On Saturday, following a 45-7 victory over Tennessee, players and fans alike lit up the cigars.