Alabama linebacker Mack Wilson wanted to be sure to remind everyone of Alabama’s dominance in recent years during Saturday’s SEC Championship Game in Atlanta.

While the game between No. 2 Auburn and No. 6 Georgia ended up not being all that close by the end of the fourth quarter, it was tight when Wilson sent out an interesting tweet around the start of the third quarter.

“It (hasn’t) been a close SEC championship game like this in a couple years,” Wilson noted.

Georgia ended up leading the game 28-7 nearing the end of the fourth quarter.

Wilson’s statement obviously was in reference to Alabama’s trio of consecutive SEC titles in the past three seasons. The Crimson Tide defeated Missouri 42-13 in 2014, Florida 29-15 in 2015 and Florida — again — 54-16 last season.

Here’s the tweet Wilson sent out on Saturday afternoon:

Wilson took a few more shots at Auburn, as well: