Antonio Alfano’s next stop may have to be Last Chance U.

After leaving Alabama for Colorado, the former five-star recruit is no longer associated with the CU program according to Brian Howell of Alfano’s departure from Colorado would mark his second such exit without ever playing a down for his team.

The former elite recruit never played a down for Alabama after enrolling early and eventually being suspended. Alfano later quit the team, according to Nick Saban.

“I just know the guy basically quit. He quit going to class, he quit coming here (the football building),” Saban said last fall after Alabama’s highest-rated member of the 2019 recruiting class failed to show up in Tuscaloosa after returning home.

The way Saban tells it, Alfano didn’t necessarily do anything to get dismissed initially but the young player kept compounding his mistakes by not reporting and replying to his coach.

“Everyone makes mistakes,” Saban added. “I think you compound the problem when you don’t confront the mistakes you make and you create greater consequences for yourself.”

After enrolling at Colorado to play for Mel Tucker, the program hired Karl Dorrell after Tucker left the CU for Michigan State. It wasn’t long before Dorrell suspended Alfano. Now the lineman will be looking for his third home in two years.