Depending on how old Alabama fans are, they may not have as much appreciation for the current Crimson Tide offense as others. The older fans likely have more appreciation given the history.

That was the sentiment from SEC Network host Paul Finebaum when he was asked on his regular appearance on “The Roundtable” on WJOX 94.5 in Birmingham, Alabama, about SEC and Alabama fans not appreciating the sheer greatness of these yards and points being put up.

“It just seems like a year and four weeks ago, I was hearing about the greatest quarterback in Alabama history and the greatest offense in Alabama history and Tua (Tagovailoa) left, and (Jaylen) Waddle leaves this year midseason and it looks just as efficient,” Finebaum said. “No we’re not appreciating it. Jim, you and I remember days when Alabama would be lucky to score, and even luckier to break 10 points under some coaches. I think what has struck me is the defense down the stretch. I don’t know what happened, did someone come and kidnap Pete Golding and make Charlie Strong the defensive coordinator. Because I don’t recognize the same defense I saw 8 or 9 weeks ago.”

Coming off a big win in the Iron Bowl, Finebaum added that the team overall is in a class by itself, and one reason why the transition to playing without coach Nick Saban in the stadium was so seamless.

“I think some years it would matter, but I think going into this game, it just didn’t feel like it would have much impact,” Finebaum said. “Give Steve Sarkisian credit, he made the right calls by not doing anything extraordinary and just following the game plan. Some years, the idea of a what, 29-point win, our mouths would be open and our tongues falling out. But it just seemed more routine and I think that’s more indicative of how good this Alabama team is.”