That didn’t last long.

After Week 12, ESPN’s Football Power Index moved Clemson to No. 1 ahead of Alabama. Rivalry Week has restored the order. The Crimson Tide has returned to No. 1 after UA’s 52-21 thumping of No. 18 FPI Auburn.

All 130 FBS are ranked based on their calculated FPI, ESPN’s “measure of team strength.” The number represents “how many points above or below average a team is” by ESPN’s calculations.

Heading into Week 12, Alabama had an FPI of 31.9 while Clemson’s was 30.3. After Week 12, when UA played The Citadel, Clemson’s FPI was 30.7 while Alabama’s dropped to 30.4. With Rivalry Week in the books, Alabama’s FPI is back up to 30.9 and Clemson’s down to 30.0.

Clemson defeated South Carolina 56-35 Saturday. The Gamecocks were the No. 30 FPI team entering The Palmetto Bowl.