Bill O’Brien and Alabama’s offense struggled at times to Texas A&M. On one hand, the Aggies have a really good defense and coordinator in Mike Elko. On the other hand, the offense moved it into the red zone, but it struggled once it got there.

On one particular drive in the fourth quarter caught Alabama fans’ ire. With Alabama losing 31-27, the Tide meticulously drove the length of the field and looked to score the go-ahead touchdown.

Instead, O’Brien’s offense ran 3 straight passing plays from the Aggies 3-yard-line. John Metchie lost 3 yards on the first play, and Bryce Young then threw it incomplete to Jaleel Billingsly. On third and goal, Young’s pass fell incomplete to Slade Boden.

The Crimson Tide settled for a field goal to cut the Aggies lead to 31-30. However, had Alabama scored a touchdown on that drive, the game’s outcome could have been affected.

Earlier in the first half, Young threw an INT on 3rd and goal from the Aggies 1-yard-line, too.

The red zone issues certainly had an impact on Alabama losing to Texas A&M. The Tide’s offense rolled up 522 total yards, including 153 of them on the ground.

Needless to say, fans weren’t enthused by O’Brien’s play-calls, especially in the red zone.