Pretty everyone agrees that Georgia is the best team in the country at this stage of the season.

The debate about who is the 2nd best team is far more spirited, however.

The Fox Sports Big Noon Kickoff Crew discussed that topic Saturday morning, with Brady Quinn and Reggies Bush debating whether or not Alabama deserves the No. 2 spot.

Quinn fell firmly on the side of the Crimson Tide.

“I know they lost to Texas &M. I get that,” said the former Notre Dame quarterback.” Here’s the deal, they’ve got the best quarterback in the country in Bryce Young,. They’ve already got the defensive player in the SEC in Will Anderson Jr. They’ve got the start power. They’ve got me checking the box for eye test. That’s all we can go off right now.”

Bush, meanwhile, sided with Ohio State as the nation’s current No. 2 team. The Buckeyes lost at home to 10th-ranked Oregon earlier this season but have looked dominant in recent weeks.

The former USC running back said in his opinion that OSU’s loss to the Ducks is a better loss than the one Alabama sustained in College Station at the hands of the Aggies.

“I can’t put Alabama in front of (Ohio State) if Alabama lost to an unranked opponent,” Bush explained.