Brandon Miller is a top 3 talent in the 2023 NBA Draft, right behind Victor Wembanyama and rivaling point guard Scoot Henderson.

Though his undeniable talent was clear on the court, he ran into some off-the-court controversy as well. Miller reportedly unknowingly brought the gun used to murder a Tuscaloosa woman in January to ex-teammate Darius Miles, sparking an outrage from fans either taking his side or demanding he be suspended.

On Wednesday, Miller sent a message to NBA teams that are digesting a slew of information about potential prospects, including the former Alabama star.

“It’s all a lesson learned,” Miller said, via Cody Westerlund. “You just always have to be aware of your surroundings and what you’re surrounded by. I feel like the night could’ve changed my career in less than a heartbeat.”

It’s hard to guess how, if at all, the 2023 season’s events will affect Miller come June 22. It’s possible the Charlotte Hornets will select Miller at No. 2, but it’s also possible the Hornets select Henderson and Miller falls to No. 3 with the Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard.

We’ll know for sure soon enough.