Former Green Bay Packers and Southern Miss Golden Eagles quarterback Brett Favre joined Clay Travis’ Outkick the Coverage radio show on Friday and spoke about playing against Alabama as a freshman.

As Favre described the game, it seemed to be a terrible and horrifying experience.

“The first game of my true freshman year, we played at Alabama,” Favre said. “They were the previous year’s national champions. They had Derrick Thomas as one outside linebacker. Tremendous player in the National Football League. And a host of other guys.

“And I wanted to play so bad. I was third on the depth chart,” Favre added. “I was 17 years old, and when we were down 38-0, I said I hope they don’t put me in. We were getting killed.”

Southern Miss ended up losing 38-6. Favre said he made his first start the following week against Texas A&M, which was ranked third in the country at the time.

“We played them close,” he said.

In Favre’s senior year, 1990, the Golden Eagles made another trip to Alabama. But this time it was a different result.

Favre recalled a bad traffic accident heading into his senior season where his car flipped over several times after losing control. He said his brother busted him out of the car with a golf club.

On Aug. 8 of that year, Favre had surgery. Just one month later, on Sept. 8, he and his team beat Alabama 27-24.

“September 8 was when I played against Alabama, and we beat them,” Favre said. “I’d like to say it was because I had an astronomical game; I probably threw for 120 yards, but from a leadership standpoint and motivation, playing probably helped to rally the troops.”

Favre will be in Knoxville on Saturday when Tennessee hosts No. 7 Georgia at 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS.