As spring football draws closer in Tuscaloosa, many fans can’t wait to get a first look at 5-star freshman QB Bryce Young.

Young figures to compete with Mac Jones and others for the starting job this year, but the California native still has to adjust to life at college so far from home first.

While receiving an award as the National High School Football Offensive Player of the Year on Friday, Young opened up about getting used to life as a college student (via the Associated Press):

“For me, at least, football kind of takes a lot of time,” Young said Friday. “Football and the stuff that comes with it — school and making sure I’m on top of that stuff and going to tutoring — it’s not a lot of time we’re just sitting around and wondering, ‘Oh, what am I going to do in Tuscaloosa?’ You’re always working. You’re always doing something.”

Young will be back on the field soon, and we’ll see if he can win the starting job as a true freshman. It won’t be easy, but based on how he played in high school, it won’t be impossible, either.

For now, though, Young is simply getting used to college life.