What can Alabama do to fix its losing ways? For starters, eliminating careless penalties is the top priority.

Matt McClearin, a radio show host for WJOX in Birmingham, Alabama, recently did a deep dive into Alabama’s penalty situation. In 7 games, Nick Saban’s offense has been 1 of college football’s most undisciplined units. No surprise, penalties are the biggest problem to the Tide’s success.

“They have 66 penalties through 7 games this year,” McClearin said. “Five years ago in 2017, they have 70 penalties for the entire season. They’re 130th in the nation in penalty yardage, they’re 129th in penalty yardage per game, giving up an average of 80 yards per game in free yardage to opposing teams. Only 3 schools in FBS are giving up 80 yards or more in penalties, Alabama is one of them… There is a discipline problem for Alabama and most of it is coming on the road.”

In last week’s 52-49 loss to Tennessee, the Tide committed 17 total penalties for 130 yards. As McClearin mentioned, penalties have hurt Alabama on more than 1 occasion in big games. In a 20-19 win over Texas in Week 2, Alabama committed 15 penalties for 100 yards. In a 24-20 win over Texas A&M in Week 6, the Tide committed 6 penalties for 73 yards.

Alabama ranks dead-last in penalties this season and is 1 of 5 Power 5 programs with more than 50 penalties on the campaign through 7 weeks. The Tide return to Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday to take on Mississippi State.