For another week, Alabama was the No. 1 team and Clemson the No. 2 team in the updated College Football Playoff rankings.

Both teams look like juggernauts, and many believe these teams will meet for the CFP title game later this season.

On Tuesday, CFP chair Rob Mullens was asked about the gap between the two teams, and he basically dodged the question from ESPN’s Rece Davis:

“There’s a lot of conversation around both of those teams,” Mullens said. “They are complete teams. Strong on offense and strong on defense. The last two weeks Alabama had two shutouts, which impressed the committee. Clemson won on the road at Boston College. Still No. 1 and No. 2 through week 11.”

Davis then followed up, asking again if there was a gap or any discussions about a gap:

“I don’t know if we put a definition around the gap,” Mullens said. “They’re both really good teams. When you load up the metrics, they’re both top 10 offense, top 10 defense, but right now, everybody has Alabama one and Clemson two.”

Alabama will likely remain at No. 1 if it continues winning, and that depends in large part on the health of QB Tua Tagovailoa’s banged-up knee. Still, Clemson looms large as a potential challenger to Alabama’s throne.