Paul Finebaum made his regular Monday visit on WJOX with Greg McElroy and Cole Cubelic out of Birmingham, Alabama. He was posed an interesting question from McElroy, the former Alabama quarterback, about Alabama talking more about the national championship than players and coaches have in the past.

“We used to be a one game at a time, one day at a time type of approach,” McElroy said. “Now, it’s almost like nobody’s shying away from championship or bust conversation. Why do you think that conversation has taken place?”

Finebaum said this change at Alabama reminds him of Tiger Woods in his prime when the legendary golfer primarily competed with himself and Jack Nicklaus.

“When you talk about college football today, there’s Alabama (Nick Saban) and everyone else,” Finebaum said. “Doesn’t matter whether Georgia won last year or not, it’s still about Alabama because when the polls come out today and whenever the AP poll comes out, Alabama’s No. 1. … That’s the part about last year that can’t be forgotten. The fact that Alabama was the preseason No. 1 pick in a rebuilding year. Which goes to your point that Alabama, yeah they compete against everybody else, but they’re really competing against themselves, and that’s why Nick Saban always manages to find an edge.”