Clark Kellogg, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley weighed in on the biggest off-the-court story of the NCAA Tournament: Brandon Miller’s availability.

Miller’s name surfaced last month in court testimony involving the capital murder case of former Alabama player Darius Miles and another man, who are charged in the fatal shooting of 23-year-old Jamea Harris on Jan. 15.

On truTV, the analysts each spoke about Harris and her family and the tragic nature of the events. Kellogg called it “foolishness around guns and disagreement.”

A police officer testified in court that Miles texted Miller for him to bring Miles’ gun in the early morning hours of the shooting. Fellow freshman starter Jaden Bradley was also at the scene. Neither Miller nor Bradley has been accused of any crime, and the university has described Miller as a cooperating witness, not a suspect.

“As it relates to Brandon Miller, the legalities allow him to be on the court because he was not charged with anything,” Kellogg said. “I do think there was a time and an opportunity for him to perhaps have a pause from a game or 2. But at this point, with the passing of time, and nothing that he’s legally charged with, then he’s entitled to be able to continue to play, as difficult that may appear optically. I think it’s still the right landing place. Now initially, a pause in his playing would have been warranted in my opinion.”

Smith’s opinion is that there’s 7 seconds to make a decision.

“You get that call, ‘Should I get in that car?,’ Smith said. “You’ve got 7 seconds to say I’m not going to do it. Or I’m going to be part of it. I think as young men in college, that’s going into adulthood, take your 7 seconds because the wrong decision could be someone’s life.”

Barkley agreed with Kellogg that Miller should have been suspended for a couple of games, just to give him a timeout, “I’ve got to make better decisions. Sometimes going into the next game, you don’t have time to think about your mistakes.”

Barkley repeated something he’s said for a while, that Alabama is the best team, and Miller is the best player he’s seen this season.

“The pressure is only going to ramp up now,” he said.