Danny Kanell has revealed his top 4 teams after Championship Weekend. The college football analyst added that this would be the top 4 “if the committee has any credibility or integrity.”

Kanell has Washington, Michigan, Florida State, and Texas, in that order as his top 4.

Kanell hedged the tweet by saying that he fully believes the committee “has zero credibility or integrity.”

In the latest CFP rankings last week, the committee had Georgia, Michigan, Washington, and Florida State as the top 4. However, with the Alabama Crimson Tide knocking off the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship, things could get shaken up.

Washington, Michigan, Texas, and Florida State all won their conference championships. The Tide won the SEC, but would the committee really put them over Texas, considering the Longhorns beat the Tide already? The Seminoles won the ACC, but could be down to their 3rd-string QB.

Also, would the committee put the 1-loss Bulldogs in over a team who won its conference championship?

The final rankings will be revealed at noon ET on Sunday.