Jalen Milroe has enough playing time to establish a blueprint for how the Alabama offense is different with the backup QB in, instead of Bryce Young.

David Pollack on the ESPN “College GameDay” podcast explained what Milroe offers, and how the offense changes.

“Think Jalen Hurts versus Tua Tagovailoa,” Pollack said. “That to me is a good comparison. Because the offense becomes now predicated on his ability to run zone-read.”

Pollack then referred to Milroe’s 77-yard run last week, and said, “I think it becomes a more run-heavy offense. I don’t think it’s a surprise either, Jahmyr Gibbs had 2 70-plus yard runs with Milroe as the quarterback. I think it makes the offensive line a little bit better because now, the backside has to really play the run.”

However, the passing game “takes a big hit” with the change from Young to Milroe.

Milroe overall was 4-for-9 passing last week for 65 yards as he replaced Young following the shoulder injury. Milroe also rushed 6 times for 91 yards and a touchdown.