After Alabama’s season-opening blowout over Louisville on Saturday night, it seems like Tua Tagovailoa is the future at quarterback for the Crimson Tide.

Tagovailoa threw two touchdowns and ran for another during Alabama’s 51-14 win, and Jalen Hurts now clearly looks like the second-team player no matter how coach Nick Saban decides to handle it.

On Monday’s edition of Get Up! on ESPN, former NBA point guard Jalen Rose gave Hurts advice on what he should do for the future:

“Tua is clearly the better prospect and reminds me of Steve Young out there, but I don’t like to see a Jalen hurt,” said Rose. “I have some advice for the young fella, No. 1 — don’t let them put you out there in four games. Don’t allow them to cost you this year of eligibility. Redshirt, graduate in December and transfer.”

The NCAA’s new redshirt rule allows Hurts to play in up to four games this season before burning a year of eligibility, and he could have two more years to play if he can avoid playing in over three more games this season.

Hurts has gone 26-2 as a starter at Alabama, but after struggling in last year’s championship game, Tagovailoa was inserted at halftime and led Alabama to a win. Hurts’ future doesn’t look like it will be in Tuscaloosa, and Rose believes that he’s been disrespected in a way.

“It is disrespect in your mind as a player when I’ve led you to two national championship games and I’ve only lost two games,” Rose said. “I’m a young prospect and not only have you replaced me from someone, but his brother is in the pipeline (Taulia Tagovailoa) too. This is a relationship business. You came into my living room and told me all the great things I was going to be able to do for the program and now (I’m benched).”