ESPN college football analyst David Pollack was a guest on “Pardon the Interruption” and he believes that the days of Alabama being an unstoppable force are over.

“You look at them the last couple of years…way more competitive games, more losses. I think we’re gonna get more accustomed to Alabama losing a game every single year. Those days where they used to murder everybody are gone.”

Pollack goes on to talk about the lack of discipline he sees from Alabama, including the penalties, missed tackles and struggles on defense.

Alabama has only had two undefeated seasons under Nick Saban — 2009 and the COVID 2020 season. Despite that the Crimson Tide have often been the last team standing even with one loss.

Pollack doesn’t seem to be saying the dynasty is over, but rather the college football world is catching up. That being said Alabama has still made the College Football Play seven of the eight years its been in existence.

So is the Alabama reign of dominance over, or is it just in a little but of transitional period.