The Reuben Foster saga continues to take one strange turn after another.

In case you were unaware, Foster is currently being kept away from San Francisco’s team facility following his latest legal issue. Foster has been accused of domestic assault by his ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, who claimed he attacked her. However, since that initial allegation, Ennis has changed her story.

Ennis now says she was attacked by another woman and claims to have video evidence of her fight with the woman. According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, Ennis plans to testify that Foster did not attack her as he originally claimed. Barrows story comes after confirming the news with Ennis’ attorney.

Where this leaves Foster is unclear at this time. The Santa Clara County District Attorney has not made it clear whether they plan to continue the case against Foster with, or without, the help of Ennis.

It should also be noted, as explained by ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen, even if there are no charges or convictions forthcoming for Foster, the NFL can still suspend him citing the league’s personal conduct policy. A similar thing happened to Greg Hardy after his accuser failed to show up and testify against the former Ole Miss defender.