TUSCALOOSA, Ala. _ Any University of Alabama fans who think watching offensive linemen go through individual drills on a daily basis sounds boring, you aren’t alone: Nick Saban does too.

The coach sort of took a left turn during his postgame comments following Alabama’s 52-12 victory over Southern Miss when he was asked about how well senior Leon Brown did at right guard.

“When you guys ask me about linemen and how they did I’ve just got to be honest with you, I’m not watching the right guard during the game,” Saban said “If he messes up and gives up a sack I know it. Does anything come to mind right now? No.

“I was a quarterback and a DB (defensive back), so my perception of the game is all these guys out here. When I watch the film tomorrow you can ask me on Monday and I’ll tell you how Leon Brown did. But I can’t tell you right now.”

Then came the left turn, without any sort of a signal.

“I don’t even watch those guys in individual (drills during practice),” he continued. “Duck-walk through the sled and all that, it’s just not exciting enough for me. I like to watch seven guys with pass routes, this guy’s covering that guy, cut this, cut down. So, you know, second step on the ground and going through your drills I just have a hard time with that. It’s my attention deficit I think.

“… But those guys are really important, and I hug them and love them as much as I can, but I don’t like to watch them practice.”

Brown sustained a foot injury during the summer and started the season opener against West Virginia only to be platooned with sophomore Alphonse Taylor after being flagged for three penalties (two holding, one false start). Taylor made his first career start last week against Florida Atlantic and Brown played with the second unit, but on Saturday their roles were reversed.