The 2022 NFL preseason began in earnest on Thursday. Following the Hall of Fame Game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Las Vegas Raiders in Canton, Ohio a week prior, 2 games were on the docket, including the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

One player looking to make a mark is 2nd-year cornerback Aaron Robinson, who played a season at Alabama in 2016 before transferring to UCF ahead of his sophomore season. The 2-time 2nd-team all-AAC pick was taken by the Giants in the 3rd round of the 2021 draft, recording 24 tackles in 9 games as a rookie.

But Robinson became a bit of a trending topic on Thursday. Take a look at the video below, as he broke up a pass in the end zone intended for Patriots WR Kristian Wilkerson and made an “incomplete” motion with his arms. Apparently, the official felt that it was enough to flag him for a taunting penalty:

The NFL has looked to crack down on taunting over the past few years, but some fans feel that officials maybe go a bit too far in enforcing the rule. It’s likely calls like this won’t do much to change their opinion.