Brad Edwards, who used to work at ESPN, has navigated a scenario where Alabama still makes the College Football Playoff even with a loss to Georgia this week in Atlanta.

It requires at least one upset, but the path is available, he said during a visit to WJOX’s “3 Man Front” out of Birmingham, Alabama. Edwards has written a book about how Alabama has been at the top of college football for more than a decade.

“I think if Oklahoma State wins the Big 12, I have no doubt they’re going to be ahead of an Alabama team that loses to Georgia, even in 4 overtimes,” Edwards said. “I think it would require either Michigan or Cincinnati to lose for Alabama to have a fighting chance with a close loss to Georgia.”

Edwards recalled that Baylor’s wins over BYU and Oklahoma help strengthen its resume. Add a win over Oklahoma State this week, and that would give the Bears 3 top-15 wins.

“I think that plus being a conference champion would be enough to get them over Alabama,” Edwards said. “I don’t think the Big 12 championship game is that significant to the Tide. I think any chance they have of surviving a really, really close loss to Georgia would depend on either Michigan or Cincinnati being upset.”