Following the 2009 season, the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Texas Longhorns 37-24 in the BCS National Championship Game, claiming their first title under Nick Saban.

Now, in the wake of Odell Beckham Jr. being spotted handing out cash to LSU players following the Tigers’ title win over Clemson on Monday, a former Texas defender is saying it’s not a big deal.

In fact, according to former Texas star Emmanuel Acho on Thursday morning’s episode of “Get Up!” on ESPN, Longhorn defensive backs were told before the title game against Alabama that they’d be paid $1,000 for every interception they grabbed (via 247Sports):

“We went to the national championship game in 2009 and … it was public to the team, for every interception the defensive back got, they were going to get $1,000,” Acho said of Texas’ 37-21 loss to the Crimson Tide on Jan. 7, 2010. “For every pick y’all got against Alabama in the national championship game, you’re going to get $1,000. Now, the difference is we just didn’t do it publicly on the field.

“What my problem is, though, everybody masquerades Odell Beckham as a guy who thinks, ‘Oh, I plotted this out. I’m going to go out, hand this money and they’re going to talk about me on Get Up. That’s not what he’s thinking. That’s not what he’s thinking.”

Texas only managed to snag one interception against Alabama, while the Crimson Tide got 4 picks.

However, if Acho was to be believed, Blake Gideon earned himself a cool $1,000 in that game.