Alabama just finished off a perfect 2020 season, dominating Ohio State in the College Football Playoff title game.

It was Nick Saban’s seventh title overall and his sixth with the Crimson Tide. Oh, and he just signed the best-ever recruiting class during the 2021 cycle.

With all that happening, it’s fair to wonder if there is still hope for any other programs around the country. Well, SEC Network analyst Greg McElroy offered some hope to other fan bases this week (via 247Sports):

“College football is cyclical,” McElroy said recently on ESPN’s College Football Live. “We have seen Alabama at the highest of highs and we’ve seen Alabama at the lowest of lows. The same can be said for Ohio State. The same can be said for Nebraska, who’s currently experiencing a low but at one point was at or near the top of college football every single year. Florida has gone though it, Florida State has gone through it. Everybody has gone through either a peak or valley at some point in the last two or three decades.

“Now Alabama, does it feel like their run is gonna last forever? Yeah it does, but so did (USC) in the 2004, ’05, ’06, ’07 seasons. It felt like they were gonna win every single championship from here until the end of time. Just be patient and know, when you get your opportunity, do not mess it up because Bama won’t, neither will Clemson and neither will the elite teams and programs in college football.”

Will the Crimson Tide run the table again in 2021 and win Saban’s eighth title? They’ll have a lot of production to replace, but they’ll still be one of the favorites to make it to the Playoff.

We’ll see starting this fall if the Tide can make another run to the Playoff, or if it’ll take some time to find the next group of Alabama superstars.