A post-game quote from Clemson WR Hunter Renfrow turned heads and raised a few eyebrows this week.

On Thursday, reporter Ross Dellenger shared a quote from one of his Sports Illustrated articles:

“Coach Swinney has built it on fun, and obviously Coach Saban has built it on a process. I’m just so proud of being at a place like Clemson, where I feel like we’ve done it the right way. If we’re supposed to have only five guys on the field as coaches, we’re making sure we have five. We’re not doing it the wrong way and we’re having fun doing it.”

Radio host and Alabama beat reporter Aaron Suttles was among those who interpreted Renfrow’s quote as a not-so-subtle accusation of Alabama breaking (or at least bending) the NCAA rules regarding number of on-field coaches for games and practices. Clemson has five offensive assistants. Alabama is well-known for having former head coaches and assistant coaches on staff as analysts (who are supposed to be “off-field” assistants).

Renfrow, however, says the quote was “totally taken out of context.”

Renfrow has broken the hearts of the Crimson Tide faithful before, but no one wanted to hate the wise veteran.