Jahmyr Gibbs got a chance to speak about his transfer from Georgia Tech to Alabama on Friday, and discussed how the transition has been with his new teammates.

“I think it was the best opportunity for me to better myself,” Gibbs said. “Not knocking my (former) teammates, I love them, I still talk to them every day. A great group of guys, but I just made the best decision for me.”

Gibbs declined to offer any personal goals, and said he was a team guy who wanted to win a national championship first.

An experienced kick returner, Gibbs said what makes a productive player in the return game is speed, vision and ability to read the blocking scheme. It’s similar to finding holes out of the backfield on offense.

“The holes, they could be gone like that, so you’ve really got to hit it with speed,” he said.

Gibbs is expected to be one of the first running backs drafted into the NFL next spring and he said he models his game after several running backs, including Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara and Aaron Jones.

As for playing alongside Bryce Young, Gibbs could hardly put it into words.

“It’s been great. Bryce is very smart,” Gibbs said. “He’s very instinctive. He knows exactly where the ball is gonna be placed before the ball is even snapped. It’s crazy. I don’t even know how to explain it.”