Alabama QB Jalen Hurts made headlines before the fall of his freshman year by squatting 500 pounds.

Squatting 500 pounds even for a lineman is throwing around some serious weight. Hurts has also squatted 525 pounds at Alabama, but in high school, Hurts reportedly squatted 570 at a powerlifting meet. But now, he’s taken it to another level.

Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran shared a video of Hurts squatting 600 pounds via his Twitter account:

Everyone’s well aware that Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa are battling for the starting QB job this spring (that will likely go into fall camp). It wouldn’t surprise anyone if both played in 2018 in some role.

While some have doubted Hurts’ ability to throw the football down the field, no one doubts his ridiculous athleticism. Squatting 600 pounds is mind-boggling.