Jalen Milroe understands the challenge that awaits Alabama in the Rose Bowl. However, the star quarterback says the Crimson Tide are excited for a challenge against Michigan’s defense.

In a recent interview, Milroe said there is a lot of excitement from Alabama’s team. The Tide set their goals at the start of the season, and now there is a chance to achieve the ultimate goal of a title.

“100% because at the beginning of the season, we set short-term goals and long-term goals,” said Milroe about excitement for the College Football Playoff. “And now, we’re at that long-term goal that we set as a football team prior to the season even starting. So now to achieve that, now to be here in the Playoff is a true blessing.

“And we’re excited for the challenge. We have a good opponent that we’re going to face in California, so we’re excited.”

While playing for a national championship is still the ultimate goal, Milroe admitted it’s important the team stays grounded in the day-to-day activities:

“The biggest thing we’ve got to do is be where our feet are and attack the days,” Milroe explained. “We’re doing a really good job of that in practice, and it’s all about our preparation that is going to allow us to be successful.”

As for Milroe’s initial assessment of Michigan, the QB sees a physical and veteran group for the Wolverines. It’s certainly a challenge he acknowledged, but Alabama is excited for the game.

“Physical. That’s the first thing that pops up on tape is how physical they play,” said Milroe. “When I talk about the box, their d-linemen and linebacker corps play very well together. They’re a veteran group so they play hard together. They know each other, they have good chemistry. It’s going to be a big test for us and we’re excited for it.”