Former Alabama WR Jaylen Waddle is preparing for the NFL Draft after he came back from a serious leg injury to make an appearance in the national championship game.

Waddle explained in a recent interview with Max Kellerman why he came back and which NFL receivers he models his game after as he makes the transition to the pros. Waddle agreed with Kellerman’s assessment of a comparison with Kansas City’s Tyreek Hill.

“Me and him being built similar, so it’s just great to see a guy doing good in the NFL that you can just model your game after,” Waddle said. “He’s producing just so good right now, obviously I watch him a lot. Cooper Kupp is another receiver I watch a lot. I try to watch guys that have similar body types to me.”

About playing in the national championship game, Waddle said it came down to his competitiveness.

“My competitive spirit is always something that I’m just going to go with,” he said. “Just to help my team out and just to grind out a win. Obviously we came out victorious, so that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. Just coming out trying to help your team win.”