Jerry Jeudy was the subject of major criticism from Steve Smith Sr. recently, and the Denver Broncos’ wideout hit back Thursday at the way Smith has characterized him.

Smith had a legendary mic-drop moment before last Thursday’s game in which he said Jeudy “can’t take constructive criticism,” and described the receiver as a “tier-3 player.”

On Thursday, Jeudy got the chance to respond to Smith’s rant.

“Where I’m from, we just don’t — if somebody talk bad about you, you don’t go to that other person and try to act friendly towards them like you didn’t just talk bad about them,” explained the embattled receiver. “I don’t have no hate toward Steve Smith. He’s a good player and all that. I just stand on what I stand on.

“If you feel some type of way, keep that same energy when you see me in person.”

Jeudy said if he had known Smith was coming to apologize, that would have been that. Instead, he felt Smith went to the media and made the situation bigger than it needed to be.

Smith certainly has a point about Jeudy’s play. The former Alabama receiver was drafted with the 15th overall pick but has not lived up to that draft status thus far.

Jeudy’s best NFL season came last year when the receiver finished with 67 catches for 972 yards and 6 touchdowns. That’s solid production, though perhaps not the elite performance a team expects when using a top-15 pick.

Jeudy will have his next chance to silence his critics against the Packers on Sunday.