Jerry Jeudy was released on bond on Friday after a judge reportedly said there was not probable cause to believe that there was a threat or use of any physical force against the victim.

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Adam Schefter of ESPN reported the news and noted that there’s full contact allowed between Jeudy and the alleged victim. Denver 7 ABC reported that Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler Brown said the incident involved the mother of Jeudy’s 1-month-old child, and that she called police around 10:15 a.m. from a neighbor’s phone asking deputies to respond to a home in Arapahoe County for a “keep-the-peace” situation between her and Jeudy.

Brown said the woman told deputies Jeudy was in control of her property. There was no physical contact between Jeudy and the woman, and he was arrested without incident. According to Brown, among the items of the woman’s that Jeudy was in possession of were her wallet, a car seat, some documents and items associated with their child. He said they were locked in a vehicle that she was unable to access.