Joey Galloway on Tuesday laid out a scenario where Alabama, even with a pair of losses, could make the College Football Playoff.

It all comes down to the SEC Championship as the Crimson Tide would face No. 1 Georgia, who are currently far and away the best team in college football. The Bulldogs have rarely been challenged as they seek their 1st national championship since 1980.

Of course, a 2-loss team has never qualified for a semifinal berth in the Playoff era. But Galloway feels that there’s a scenario where Nick Saban’s team could buck that trend as it currently sits at No. 2 in the rankings.

“I don’t understand the thinking in this era,” Galloway said on ESPN. “In past eras, I get it. In this era, if Alabama’s sitting at No. 2, goes on to play Georgia close (in the SEC title game)…[and] they should happen to lose a close game, you then tell me that because (Alabama) has 2 losses, Cincinnati is a better ball club than them? To me, that would prove that Alabama is the second-best team in the country because, if they play Georgia close, at the end, because nobody has been able to stay close to them.”

A blowout win by the Dawgs would end that discussion altogether, but Galloway’s scenario at least has Tide fans hoping things play out in their favor.