Alabama will not appear in the College Football Playoff this year, but will rather be a part of the Sugar Bowl. The Crimson Tide will face Kansas State in the bowl game.

ESPN analysts Joey Galloway, Rece Davis and Greg McElroy weighed in on what they want to see from Alabama in the contest.

“Greg, this is the game, we’re going to find out if Alabama’s going to go old school,” Galloway said. “Are all their guys going to show up for this game and set themselves up for next season. I do think that when Coach Saban goes out and talks about his team should be in the Playoff, and then they don’t get in, what effect that has on your players. Who you’re asking now to still get up, still ready to play, still focus, when now you just added to the, ‘Well, we didn’t get in, so how important is going to play in the Sugar Bowl.'”

McElroy said he saw it as a potential opportunity for the team to create value for itself in a season that can be viewed as somewhat of a lost one considering the amount of success Alabama usually has.

“The idea behind that Rece, it’s the same kind of deal for spring football, where you start to look at it, if you’re a Jesse Palmer of you’re a David Pollack, you’re like, ‘I’m not necessarily going to this bowl game to create value,” Galloway said.” What difference does it make for me?’ It’s more for the second-string guy that’s trying to make a name.”