Alabama’s current roster hasn’t played in too many redemption games. The Tide lost only five games during the past three years, which includes just one regular season loss in each respective season.

However, two of those losses came against SEC West rival Ole Miss in consecutive games. After winning a 23-17 thriller in Oxford in 2014, the Rebels defeated the Tide 43-37 last season.

Neither loss prevented Alabama from winning the SEC Championship in each respective year, nor did last year’s halt its inevitable national championship. Still, losing to a division rival in consecutive years has to leave a bad taste, regardless of how the season played out.

But the Tide players aren’t looking at Saturday’s game against Ole Miss as anything out of the ordinary. Defensive end Jonathan Allen told John Zenor of the Associated Press the team is trying to avoid putting too much emphasis on revenge.

“I feel like we put too much pressure, too much emphasis on revenge and all that stuff, so we are definitely not focusing on anything like that this year,” defensive end Jonathan Allen said. “We are just focusing on playing well.”

Allen did admit that last year’s loss is playing a role in how the team prepares for Saturday. The senior said the Tide will focus on its mistakes and try to fix them.

“Of course, that’s the only game we lost so definitely that’s the one we’re going to focus the most on,” he said. “We definitely need to clean up our game.”