Jonathan Allen: Most fun we had at Alabama was watching Nick Saban lay into Lane Kiffin


Did you enjoy watching Alabama head coach rip into his former offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin? If so, you weren’t the only one. During his Tuesday televised segment on ESPN’s Russillo & Kanell show, former Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen admitted the goal of the defense was to see their head coach tear into the OC.

When asked what he enjoyed more, making a sack or seeing Saban get angry with Kiffin, the answer was easy for Allen.

“Oh easily watching Saban crush Kiffin,” Allen said. “At practice… it was our goal to see how many times we could get Coach Saban to MF Kiffin. I mean that was our goal.”

Allen was then asked if any one particular encounter stood out to him.

“It was just during (drills),” Allen responded. “We would just try to blow it up and just destroy it and kill the offense and then you would know Kiffin’s just…gonna get it, after you just blow it up in the backfield. That’s probably the most fun we had at Alabama during practice this year, just watching Coach Saban lay into Kiffin.”

So how did Kiffin respond to the verbal lashings?

“Kiffin was the only guy I’ve ever seen respond to Coach Saban, but I mean at the end of the day, Coach Saban, it’s his world, so he’s gonna get the last word,” Allen concluded.

In case you missed it last season, the best example of this during an actual game came against Western Kentucky. In the closing moments of the contest, with the result in hand, Saban gave Kiffin an earful on the sidelines despite winning the game by 28 points.

It sounds like we can add Alabama defenders to the growing list of those who have disdain for Kiffin.

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  • I don’t know why everyone is so
    down on Kiffin. He did a lot to help Bama while he was there.

  • That’s just harsh. I’m not in favor of the Jags taking a DLineman with the fourth pick, but if they do, I surely won’t complain if it’s Allen.

  • These Bama guys all love to get Saban’s goat when they can. When you work as hard as they do and have so much demanded of them it helps to have a sense of humor.