Keyshawn Johnson has a problem with Bryce Young’s size, and that causes concern for his expectations in the NFL for the Alabama quarterback.

He offered his explanation when raised by Max Kellerman.

“Because the league is big, man,” Johnson said on his ESPN Radio show, “Keyshawn, JWill and Max.” “… Those guys on the other side, they’ve got bad intentions. Those Quinnen Williamses, they’re looking to body slam you on your neck and hurt you, they really are. That’s what they’re paid to do. They’re paid to bring you down, relieve you from the game.”

Johnson said he would’ve love to play with Young, but he recalled back to a small guy in training camp with him.

“Coach Parcells said, ‘I like him, but he’s going to get kilt out here,’ k-i-l-t,” Johnson said. “He’s going to get kilt out here, somebody’s going to really do some harm. … In the National Football League, my kicker should never be bigger than my quarterback. Never.”

Young at Alabama was listed at 6 foot and 194 pounds. A more accurate measurement will come at the NFL Combine leading into the NFL Draft.