In the lead-up to the 2021 NFL Draft, Mac Jones’ stock has surged with some slotting the Heisman Trophy finalist at No. 3 to the San Francisco 49ers. There has been some pushback, however, on the Jones hype train. Some analysts are hesitant to give Jones a high draft grade, noting he was surrounded by top talent.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit weighed in, telling The Tuscaloosa News that Jones would be a “great fit” for San Francisco. He also dismissed the supporting cast argument and compared Jones to last year’s No. 1 pick.

“I don’t care that he had a lot of talent around him,” Herbstreit told Mikey DiLullo
of The Tuscaloosa News. “He’s got an assassin’s mindset on the field, much like Joe Burrow the year before. There’s a lot to fall in love with.”

More from Herbstreit, where he praises Jones’ “processing” and accuracy, can be found in The Tuscaloosa News article.

Herbstreit will be part of ESPN’s NFL Draft coverage. Round 1 will be on April 29.