Kyle Peterson believes Alabama baseball could end up in Omaha later this season, and the ESPN and SEC Network analyst believes it would be a remarkable accomplishment given the off-the-field circumstances.

Since former coach Brad Bohannon was fired following an investigation into suspicious bets were made involving the team. In the Crimson Tide’s 10-3 stretch since Bohannon was fired, the offense has put up 10-plus hits 7 times. Alabama had 14 hits in the 7-4 win over Auburn on Thursday.

“Alabama keeps changing everybody’s mind every week right now,” Peterson said. “Since everything went down with Brad Bohannon. It just feels like every week, you know what, we’ve got to take a different look at them, which is pretty amazing since those kids had no idea what was coming, and the coaching staff and everything else. I think it’s one of the best stories in the sport right now.”

Because of the hot streak, Alabama is projected to host a regional next week. Peterson believes the Bohannon firing gave the Tide players a chance to restart their season in a way.

“This gives us a chance to reset everything and see how far we can go,” Peterson said. “… Sports change when you feel like you’ve got nothing to lose, because you play loose and you don’t think about anything else.”

Alabama will play Vanderbilt on Friday night in an elimination game in the SEC Tournament.