Lane Kiffin is apparently trying to lure Alabama commit to Florida Atlantic

Dec 13, 2016; Boca Raton, FL, USA; Florida Atlantic Owls head coach Lane Kiffin speaks to the media at FAU Football Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Former Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin didn’t waste too much time before taking a jab at his old school.

The new Florida Atlantic head coach has offered a scholarship to 2017 OL Hunter Brannon, who is already committed to Alabama:

Brannon is an Alabama native and the Crimson Tide are a perennial title contender, so they likely have the edge at this point, but if Brannon was a huge fan of Kiffin’s, a potential flip isn’t out of the question.

That would likely irk Alabama coach Nick Saban, who had nothing but positive things to say about his former OC after FAU hired him.

According to 247Sports, Brannon is the No. 12 center in the class of 2017 and the No. 42 overall recruit from the state of Alabama.

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  • He’s a snake, just ask UT!

  • I think we would be ok if he chose FAU. He’s the 42nd best player……in the state!

    • Careful with those kind of statements. A walk-on to Clemson tore up alabamas defense in the championship game. Recruiting services don’t always get it right, and you never know who could end up being a real difference maker.

  • Come on give it a break. Of course he is going to offer players he is the Head coach. Kirby did the same thing. Are they not suppose to recruit against Bama now? Don’t be stupid.

    • Right?

      I mean according to these people, UF, UGA, USC, FSU, & MSU can not offer any Bama commits or targets because they are Former Saban Assistants…

      Would be really nice to have that but too bad this is a business in the real world.

      • FAU is not recruiting against Bama. Not even close. FAU isn’t really recruiting against any P5 school. Let’s try and keep it real.

        • He offered a 3 star recruit.

        • If the 3* was good enough for Bama, and he was because he got an offer, then even if the kid backs off his commitment or Bama recinds his offer, I would think he would have better options than FAU. Of course, the kid last year that decided against the grayshirt, ended up at some small school, so I guess it’s possible. I think that was more of a case where Bama realized they made a mistake in offering that kid.

      • True, but he’s still a mouth breathing douchebag.

  • He’s a lifetime Turd with absolutely no character.

    • He’s a coach trying to win. Say what?

      • He’s a coach looking for attention.

        • Is that what coach O is doing when he offers a player committed to another school?

        • FAU is not comparable to LSU. They are comparable to Louisiana Monroe at best. We are not after the same kids.

        • That’s funny. Billy Joseph committed to FAU. He is a four star LB who had been offered by LSU…..

        • Billy is a bit of an exception. He was a Miami committ that lost interest when Golden was fired. As of now, it looks like he wants to stay in the area as that is where he is from. Good for him. I like it when kids stay for the home fans. Good catch though.

  • Bama time is right – but I think it will be hard for FAU to pull from Bama.

  • Nice scenery, I can see why some recruits would consider FAU.

  • Two problems here: 1. Lane Kiffin hasn’t been a really successful head coach anywhere yet, and it’s only his face and attitude that look young. 2. If a player would leave a chance to play at any Power 5 contender to go play at FAU (not a power five contender), then I doubt that the team he’s leaving will miss him.

  • My guess is that this kid is on the verge of being asked to grey-shirt, and Lane knows this.

  • One more illustration that proves Lane Kiffin has loyalty to no one but himself. If it were not for Nick Sabah, Lane would not have been able to get a head coaching job. If FAU thinks that their coach will be there long term, they will be in for a big surprise. He is simply using FAU as a steeping stone. Hopefully colleges will wake up to his lack of character and quit providing him a platform to influence young impressionable minds.