Lane Kiffin offered further clarification Monday to his comments on Sunday about Travaris Robinson calling the defensive plays at Alabama, not Kevin Steele. Also Monday, Nick Saban responded to the claim.

Kiffin was asked on Monday what he saw on tape that led him to suggest the claim about the changes with the Alabama defensive coaching staff.

“I wasn’t trying to start this big thing,” Kiffin said, per the Clarion-Ledger. “We saw things on TV copy just where it was different, first off with the playbook… We looked into that further. It ain’t no secret: People in these buildings know each other. We got some information that way too.”

Kiffin explained that it’s a part of the preparation process across the board.

“It is what it is kind of like the quarterbacks. You prepare for a different quarterback and prepare for a different playcaller. I’m not sure whatever transpired after Texas, but we’re going to have our hands full no matter what.”

Kiffin and the Rebels have not beaten Alabama and Saban, but the Rebels had a close call last season in a 30-24 defeat that ended after a red-zone drive stalled.