Lane Kiffin introduced a new term about media reaction to Nick Saban, and it’s something similar to rat poison.

Kiffin is concerned because Alabama travels to Ole Miss this week in a 2:30 local time game on CBS.

Rat poison is, of course, a term Saban came up with to describe the positive media attention Alabama players receive when they’re playing well, and how it serves as an obstacle to remaining focused on the process and task at hand.

This time, Kiffin referred to comments ESPN commentator Paul Finebaum has made on Sunday and Monday following the LSU loss when he said that the Saban dynasty is seeing its window closing, and that Saban has been outcoached in 4 games this season, including the 2 losses, and against Texas and Texas A&M.

The new term? GOAT fuel.

“I texted Finebaum on my way over here when I saw his quotes, like he normally does, that says the Nick Saban dynasty is over and all of that,” Kiffin said. “Every time he says this, which I tell him, all he does, which I tell him like GOAT fuel, opposite of rat poison. You’re giving the GOAT fuel, which for him that works and goes and proves him wrong every time. Really appreciate you Paul saying that right after the game. I’m sure that was on his desk Sunday morning. They’re always ready to play, they always rebound, and you’re going to go play the best offensive player in the country, and the best defensive player in the country so very challenging situation.”