The 2020 NFL Draft is almost upon us, and Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa is expected to be a Round 1 pick.

On Wednesday, Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin (Tua’s former OC at Alabama) joined Laura Rutledge to talk about the talented quarterback.

As you can see below, Kiffin started by saying a healthy Tua probably would have led the Tide to a win over Auburn in the Iron Bowl:

“I think it’s interesting — if Tua wasn’t still in that game against Mississippi State and, obviously, doesn’t get hurt, uses the bye to not play and get healthy before Auburn, they probably beat Auburn,” Kiffin said. “I think everybody would say that. Then they get themselves in the playoffs and play LSU and who knows what happens in that game? Then I think we’re arguing who is No. 1 (in the draft).”

Then, Kiffin went on to compare Tua to an NFL Hall of Fame quarterback in Steve Young.

“Unbelievable deep ball accuracy and accuracy in general,” Kiffin said. “When I went out to Hawaii while he was in high school, he was like a JUGS machine. He didn’t miss anything. … He looks like Steve Young when you watch him work out. Great feet, obviously left-handers, similar size and unbelievable accuracy.”

Will Tagovailoa live up to that lofty comparison? We’ll see where he’s drafted on Thursday night.