Lane Kiffin has a good-natured feud with Paul Finebaum that often centers around Finebaum’s comments about Nick Saban, and whether the Alabama coach is in the sunset days of his dynasty or control of the SEC.

The Ole Miss coach at SEC Media Days lamented how the ESPN commentator speaks about the Alabama coach.

“It’s why we have Finebaum to motivate him every other year and say ‘Oh his dynasty is over,’ and this is the end of Saban and then we’re like, ‘Hey thanks a lot for pissing him off,” Kiffin said. “And Paul’s always wrong on this subject, and he just did it again the other day. If he doesn’t make the playoffs, he’s not any good as a coach. So, thanks Paul.”

Kiffin has gone so far as to coin a term for the way Finebaum talks about Saban: GOAT fuel.

Kiffin referred to Finebaum’s comments from earlier this week on ESPN’s “First Take” about Saban’s legacy should he miss the College Football Playoff again this season.