Alabama has installed new LED lights at Bryant-Denny Stadium and based on reactions to a preview shared on social media, they’re already a hit with fans.

AD Greg Byrne teased that the lights will flash crimson every time the Crimson Tide scores. The company that installed the new system, Musco Lighting, told that that won’t be the only entertainment feature the new lighting brings to Alabama football games this fall. The lights can change colors and sync to music.

“It’s going to be more crisp, more aesthetically pleasing and that goes more to our glare control and how we control glare to the players and the fans. It will feel more like a theater,” account manager Vaughn Blythe told

Musco told that even the color of the direct lighting to the field can be changed. Michael Casagrande noted that that effect will not be used during gameplay, but for pregame and timeouts.

“They just add to the show, the fan experience, the theatrical capability that we are already doing with our field of play fixtures,” Blythe told Casagrande. “Then you add in the color changing and it’s a cool look from a theatrical standpoint.”

It will certainly be interesting how this new theatrical experience looks on TV and in person.