Alabama and LSU won’t meet until Saturday, Nov. 9 but you can already place a bet on the game.

That’s because online sportsbook has released an early point spread for the epic SEC matchup.

According to, Alabama is an 8-point favorite in Tuscaloosa against LSU.

The way Adam Burns, the oddsmaker over at, explains it, the line is expected to move once they know the status of Tua Tagovailoa for the game.

“We kind of middled the line not knowing if Tua is going to be out there or not,” Burns said in an email to SDS. “If he plays, the spread will get to or around -10. If he doesn’t, look for it to settle around -7. He’s worth 3-4 points to the number.”

That’s an important note to make, as if you believe Tua is going to play, there is value in the line for Alabama at the moment. If you like LSU to win, even with Tua playing, you may want to wait until that line moves before you bet on the game.